Issue 259                                                                                       Aug 2013

Michael Lebowitz DC


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Dear Colleagues;

I hope you all are well. We’ve been in AZ for about 1 week and plan to stay till about August 11th. I never realized how much being near a major airport would increase the amount of physicians coming for one on one classes as we have had seven docs come in this week or so.

The new protocol that I taught in LA (hopefully available soon through,  www.icakusa.com and will be announced when it is) has allowed us to tackle some very difficult stealth infection cases as well as find many more microbes, metals, etc. in our patient assessment. I will be teaching it in Honolulu Aug 22nd at the ICAK Australia conference in a full day class. You can register at http://www.etouches.com/ehome/index.php?eventid=61984&.

While in Arizona we had the privilege of spending some time with Dr. Stephen Fry who has a very advanced lab and specializes in biofilms and stealth infections. This newsletter will mainly be clinical tidbits that I have put together recently from my experiences:

1) Biofilms, BFB’s and protomyxzoa- We have been using BFB 1 and 2 (Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1744) for a while to break down biofilms. Even though we only use small doses topically, some docs say that a % of their patients start herxing (having major die off symptoms) while some patients do not feel anything. We feel that it is possible that the ones that herx severely may suffer from Protomyxzoa rheumatic which can have severe die off symptoms, or one of the other heavily biofilm producing organisms like Borrelia. Protomyxzoa can cause extreme fatigue during the die off which is one of the complaints. There is no test vial for protomyxzoa (Supreme sells a biofilm test vial but no one has a protomyxzoa vial). Some physicians have been using Golden Thread Supreme and sometimes adding other antimicrobials, with good results.
In my opinion, biofilms should be treated with essential oils blends like BFB1 and BFB2. If you liken biofilms to jail cells- taking proteolytics or EDTA to degrade them is like opening up the cells and letting all the prisoners out. If you add an antimicrobial, it is like positioning guards with guns at various places to kill the freed prisoners- but the prisoners still can wreak havoc for a while. BFB 1 and 2 are antimicrobial and biofilm degraders so it is like having a guard with a gun in front of each cell and shooting the prisoner once the cell is opened. Just to make sure though, we add whatever antimicrobials test (Morinda, Melia, Golden Thread, Schisandra, Illicium, Vital Guard, etc. – all Supreme Nutrition) as people almost always have other microbes that need treatment simultaneously.

It is best to test the biofilm vial after testing the microbial composites as the order seems to lessen false negatives.

Dr Fry found that you can basically starve biofilms by going on a low fat diet. I know this goes against a lot of what we believe is a healthy diet but he has seen biofilm colonies decrease dramatically on an Ornish or McDougall style diet (approximately 95% reduction of biofilm colonies after a few months). If you get a distance on the biofilm vial (using our distance test) and add a food oil or fat (even a healthy fat like olive, coconut, butter, etc.) you will find the distance that the biofilm vial weakens from increases, which suggests Dr Fry is correct here (though his pre and post lab tests are probably better confirmation). I find on biofilm patients, that isolated vegetable oils and animal fats often weaken the patient when placed over the liver also. On these patients you may want to consider trying a low fat diet temporarily to decrease the biofilm population along with the BFB’s.

Also, because biofilms can house toxic metals you may find patients who are degrading biofilms releasing toxic metals (I released quite a bit of mercury doing this). Biofilms contain a significant amount of magnesium according to researchers. I have found that when degrading biofilms, patients who were on magnesium supplements often do not need them. And since the biofilms were “stealing” the bodies magnesium, once the biofilms are degraded they will continue to need less magnesium than before (I have seen that a number of times). Dr Fry says you should not take magnesium while degrading biofilms as it will “feed” the biofilm. So far I have not been able to form an opinion on that aspect of the research.

2) Hypercoagulation- We have talked extensively about hypercoagulation and infections. We also mentioned that in many patients if you do a distance test with an antimicrobial it is often greatly increased when adding Hemoguard Supreme to the test (even when Hemoguard does not strengthen in the clear and the coagulation vials do not test positive)- which to me suggest a subclinical hypercoagulation problem. Adding Hemoguard Supreme to the patient’s regimen in these cases (if they are not on any blood thinners) can add to the effectiveness of the anti-microbials.

3) On a forum someone asked why we just can’t screen a patient with antimicrobials in the clear and why we need to use microbe vials. The following are my findings and I think they are very important: VERY OFTEN the antimicrobials do not test in the clear UNTIL you expose the patient to the microbe vial. Same with metal chelators, etc. (For example, if takesumi tests negative in the clear, then
test the patient on mercury and if the mercury is positive, then quite often the Takesumi vial will afterwards test in the clear. In a second example, the patient doesn’t strengthen on Melia but then expose them to a microbe composite vial that they test positive to and retest the Melia or whatever the appropriate antimicrobial is and it will now strengthen in the clear) I think that exposing the patient to the right vial primes the body or increases its awareness and then the remedy shows. So just screening remedies without exposing the patient to the vials first yields a high % of false negatives.

4) It is great how broad spectrum herbs can be. I have been reading a lot about babesiosis and have found journal articles and anecdotal reports about how the herb in Bodyguard Supreme has been used successfully to treat it. I haven’t tested it yet but am anxious to.

5) I think I mentioned how if you massage a person’s belly fat deeply for 10-15 seconds before testing for chemicals, metals, and mycotoxins it will increase your findings substantially. Since doing that, I have been finding beryllium on about half my patients and a lot more lead, aluminum etc. Humming and doing math will also increase findings in some patients (you have a lot of deposition of these xenobiotics in fat and neural tissue so these techniques help mobilize and stress those areas and make the muscle test more accurate). Typically Takesumi, Camu and Schisandra Supreme are the most common supplements to remedy these. I have been wondering where all the beryllium is coming from. It is found as a byproduct of coal and fuel combustion as well as used in the manufacture of cell phones. I rarely found it before doing this technique and as I said above, it is now a common finding.

All supplements in this newsletter are available through Supreme Nutrition 1-800-922-1722 where I am involved in quality control and product development.


My friend Dr Luke Pietratone is selling his practice. Luke is a fellow AK board member that I work closely with, a great guy with high integrity

Here is the ad:

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