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Dear Colleagues,

Most of you know I have been involved with applied kinesiological research for about 30 years and have written 2 books, over 60 original research papers, a monthly newsletter and produced many DVD’s on my research. Many of you are also aware that the majority of the supplements I use in my practice come from Thorne Research of Dover, Idaho (800-228-1966). Back in 1989 I did a double blinded in office study and kept statistics. I was treating fairly sensitive/allergic patients and wanted to find out which brand of nutrients they could tolerate best and which would perform best clinically. I took seven brands (the ones that most physicians use including ones that claim to be hypoallergenic). What I did was line up different products that were either identical or very similar in label content (e.g. 7 different 30 mg. zinc) and using muscle testing as an evaluation procedure, blindly tested them on a given patient and collected statistics on how many times each product strengthened weak muscles.

I was surprised to find that many times before I started doing this I concluded a patient didn't need a given nutrient when in actuality they did, but for some reason the brand I was testing did not test positive. The in office study involved over 100 patients. My data I collected showed that the supplements made by Thorne showed up positive (strengthening weak muscles) over 30% more than other brands. Almost every time another brand was positive Thorne’s was also, and many times Thorne was the only brand testing positive.

As I started using more of their products I found that clinically my results improved dramatically, my patients felt better and responded faster. Over the years since, hundreds of D.C.'s have agreed with my observations.

I was most interested in finding out why this was happening which led me to study manufacturing procedures, sources of nutrients, fillers, binders, etc. I have personally concluded that Thorne has the "cleanest" vitamin and mineral products on the market. With the onslaught of chemicals in our society, it only makes sense to use the purest supplements possible. Many of you would be amazed at what can legally get put in supplements and not listed on the label. I have put together a list of products we commonly use and where we find them effective. We hope you find this useful.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at any time via phone (970-257-0311) or email (

In health,

Michael Lebowitz, D.C.