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Welcome to the web site of Michael Lebowitz D.C. This web site is ideally suited for physicians who follow Dr. Lebowitz's protocols or those interested in learning about them. Dr. Lebowitz has practiced the art and science of applied kinesiology for 35+ years and has taught for 25+ years. Over these years, Dr. Lebowitz has developed many techniques that are presently used by well over a thousand physicians in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. His research and innovation have brought much in the way of testing techniques and academics to alternative medicine in the fields of dysbiosis, food sensitivities, toxic metals, chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivity, biofilms, mycotoxins, as well as neurological desensitization techniques. He has also helped develop nutritional products that are used worldwide to treat these issues.

Dr. Lebowitz is a prolific writer, authoring 3 books, over 60 articles, and a free monthly newsletter for over 25+ years (you can subscribe to it via this website as well as read back issues).

Dr. Lebowitz attracts patients from around the globe. He has treated many professional athletes (MLB, NHL, NFL, cyclists, runners, boxers, ballet, etc.) as well as many physicians and thousands of others. When treating and correcting dysbiosis (fungus, parasites, bacteria, virus, etc.), food sensitivities, toxic metals and chemicals, nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, structural imbalances and more, he has found that a majority of chronic and acute symptoms often leave and the patient is restored to a better state of health.

His seminars are available as DVD's and he also teaches personal seminars at his office as well as larger ones in other cities. DVD's are available through this site as is information on some of the products he utilizes, test kits etc. that he has found to be extremely effective, etc.