Clinical Tidbits

The notes below may be helpful and many are not unique to me but were shared with me by other practitioners. Remember for every condition mentioned below you always need to check dysbiosis, food reactions (especially food toxins), and heavy metal involvement due to the myriad of symptoms they can produce. The ideas below assume you have done that already (I may though emphasize it at times below). In many cases that is all that is necessary. This is a work in progress and may be added to at times.

  1. Acid reflux- hiatal hernia, magnesium deficiency, methyxanthines
  2. Alcoholism- zinc deficiency, allergy to the raw material that specific alcohol comes from, hypoglycemia, B-complex deficiency
  3. Arthritis (osteo) – essential fatty acid deficiency (especially Omega 3), may need LuRong, test suspect food toxins over inflamed joints
  4. Asthma- usually a fungus is involved as well as foods, Camu supreme can sometimes help, asthma with cat hair sensitivity is harder to correct
  5. Benign Prostatic hypertrophy- test metals and microbes over prostate, zinc deficiency, methylxanthines very common
  6. Cardiac arrhythmia- rib subluxations, B-vitamin deficiency, methylxanthines
  7. Carpal tunnel- pronator quadratus origin and insertion work, may need LuRong, B6 deficiency
  8. Chronic fatigue- usually multiple microbes and foods, may need Endo Supreme, LuRong, Schisandra, L-Tyrosine
  9. Constipation- magnesium deficiency, hard massage to LI- neurolymphatics, closed ICV (usually secondary to foods).
  10. Crohns- multiple microbes and foods, glutamine may only test after microbes are corrected
  11. Depression
    1. If it is the type the patient wants to be secluded try L-tyrosine.
    2. If they want to talk with everyone about their problems try L-tryptophan or 5 HTP
    3. If can’t turn brain off try ashwaghanda supreme or GABA.
    4. With Tyrosine or tryptophan sometimes only one particular brand will test
  12. Diarrhea- may be overdosing magnesium, be sure to close ICV
  13. Dysmenorrhea- test estrogen vials for weakening- blocked by liver support (Body Guard, Schisandra) or Rosemary Supreme, avoid xeno-estrogens (hormone fed meat, food stored in plastic, canned foods), B vitamin deficiency, methylxanthines
  14. Eczema- liver, May need Schisandra and/or Takesumi Supreme, EFA deficiency
  15. Epilepsy- metals especially mercury, hypoglycemia, taurine deficiency, avoid aspartame, cranials
  16. Fatigue- Adrenals. Thyroid, Endo supreme, L-Tyrosine, almost always secondary to microbes and foods
  17. Gall Bladder- Body Guard Supreme, ½ raw beet daily, 1 oz. olive oil mixed with 1 oz. lemon juice first thing in morning
  18. Gingivitis- oral dysbiosis, may need Oral defense, liquid folic acid as a rinse
  19. Headaches- foods and fungus primary, magnesium deficiency, cervical subluxations and cranials, too much tyrosine
  20. Hypertension- imbalance or deficiency of any or all of Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, methylxanthine problems, test salt over carotid, cadmium and/or lead toxicity
  21. Infertility- mercury, zinc deficiency, methylxanthines, test sperm over female and if weakens see what negates it and supplement
  22. Inhalant allergies- may need Camu Supreme, check grain allergies, make homeopathic to suspect plants/pollens
  23. Insomnia- methylxanthines, may need gaba, magnesium, Ashwaghanda Supreme, L-tryptophan, 5HTP- May have to do testing with eyes closed to find problems/deficiencies, don’t wear sunglasses or contacts, can be calcium deficiency if can’t get to sleep and B-complex deficiency if can’t stay asleep
  24. IBS- dysbiosis, foods
  25. Menieres- fungus, foods, cranials
  26. Mitral valve Prolapse- magnesium
  27. Muscle cramps- may have to contract muscle during testing to find the deficiency- typically magnesium or calcium
  28. MS- mercury, essential fatty acid deficiency, vigorously exercising upper body extensors can aggravate symptoms
  29. Parkinsons – chemicals, metals (espec. Hg and Al), recreational drugs, dopamine pathway nutrients,  may need mucuna
  30. Psoriasis- avoid alcohol, EFA deficiency, test food/toxins over area, get more sunshine
  31. Rheumatoid arthritis- food toxins espec. Solanines and gliadin, microbes, EFA deficiency
  32. Sciatica- pelvic muscles especially piriformis (test supine, prone, and weight bearing) which must be worked from anterior, methylxanthines
  33. Thyroid, hypo- L-Tyrosine, Endo supreme, Alaria Supreme, test foods over thyroid (espec. Solanines), cervical subluxations, avoid cabbage family
  34. Thyroid, hyper- metals over thyroid, increase cabbage family
  35. Tinnitis- avoid fried foods, hypercoagulation problems (may need Hemoguard Supreme), cranials, TMJ
  36. Ulcers- H.Pylorii, avoid alcohol, sweetening, try cabbage juice
Best Supplements for Dysbiosis: Morinda Supreme, Melia Supreme, Golden Thread Supreme, Vital Guard Supreme, Schisandra Supreme, Oral Defense
Supplements for dysbiosis during pregnancy: Vital Guard Supreme, Takesumi Supreme, LuRong Supreme
Best Supplements for metals: Takesumi Supreme, Captomer 250
Takesumi is best taken away from other supplements by at least 1-2 hours